Can't find a rack to fit your car? Consider a custom install!

We offer custom installations in three forms:

Fixed Point

Firm location

Fixed Point

Permanent Track

A fixed track in 3 lengths: 42”, 54”, or 60”

Permanent Track

Artificial Rain Gutter

Fiberglass caps only

We'll work with you to determine which option is the best fit for your vehicle.

Our process:

  • Our first step is determining which install options are possible based on how you want to carry your load (while addressing crossbar style, length, and location).
  • Not every option is recommended for every vehicle, so before we agree to do any installation we check locations of air bags, roof braces, and sunroofs in person.
  • Once we've established which option is best for your vehicle, we set a 2 hour appointment for the installation.
  • If you've selected a roof rack for purchase, we'll also install it at no extra charge.

Contact us for more information.